Top things to do in Ramanagara

Top things to do in Ramanagara


Closepet, formerly Ramanagara, is a tiny town just on the suburbs of Bangalore. The distance between Bangalore, the capital of Karnataka, and Ramanagara is roughly 50 kilometres. The town’s name comes from the surrounding Ramagiri Hills, and the district (also known as Ramagiri) was recently created first from a Bangalore remote village. Ramanagara region is indeed a lovely place with lots of flora and animals, as well as mountainous and plain places. The massive slabs from basalt from either the lower Proterozoic epoch are a notable geological characteristic of this region. The area covers 3516 square kilometres, with woods covering 699.46 square kilometres. The district is also crossed by the Cauvery, Arkavathi, and Kanva rivers. The district is made up of 823 villages.

Many people are surprised to learn if Ramanagara is indeed a Hollywood actor. It is well-known for being the location of the Bollywood film ‘Sholay.’ This was not, however, the one and only film shot in the area. These pretty tough boulders in the background were also used in David Lean’s film “A Passage to India.”

If you ever find yourself in Ramanagara, a little town near Bangalore, you’ll be astonished to learn that there’s more to do instead of going exploring. 

Night trekking in Ramanagara:

One of the best activities to do for the district is to go on a Ramanagara hike at night. Day excursions and hikes are available from a variety of local tour companies. However, since you are compelled to stare at what is right across from you at night, you may enjoy the importance of nature in greater detail. While you navigate your way through the darkness, you can glance up at the lovely stars above you. You can even pitch a tent and build a bonfire to keep warm while relaxing in the presence of nature. Those looking for a more adventurous night might go to Sri Revana Siddeshwara Betta (SRS hills), which is noted for rock climbing and rappelling.

Rock climbing in sholay hill:

The Ramadevara Betta Hills, which were formerly a peaceful location, have earned a lot of prominence as a result of all the film shootings that have actually occurred like that over the years. The hill, which is located near Sugganahalli inside the Ramanagara district, some 48 kilometres from Bangalore, rose to prominence after it was utilised as Gabbar Singh’s refuge in the film ‘Sholay.’ These Ramanagara hills became recognized as the Sholay Hill after then. In the movie, the location was referred to as Ramanagara. The Ramadevara Bass Hills are also one of the best sites in Ramanagara to go rock climbing. open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The hills are also part of the famed Ramanagara trip, which people would stop through a few of the district’s most attractive areas.

The silk cocoon market:

The Ramanagara Silk Crescent Marketplace is among Asia’s largest cocoon marketplaces, located in Ijoor, Ramanagara district, 40 kilometres from Bangalore. Every day, roughly 50,000 kg of newly generated cocoons are sold at this market. The cocoon market, which spans two acres, is an excellent place to find traditional silk artwork. Tourists can indeed go on a tour of the local silk industries or wander around the market to see the cocoon dealers. The Ramanagara Silk Fluff Market is open the whole day and there is no admission charge.

If you are in bangalore you can also see Dandeli Camping

Trekking at Mekedatu:

Mekedatu is an excellent place for anyone wishing to get away from the concrete jungles. It is located in Kanakapura, Ramanagara district, and is around 100 kilometres from Bangalore. After merging with the Arkavati river, the Consist or Kaveri river travels through a small and steep gorge. Karnataka is on yet another side of the gorge, and Tamil Nadu is on the other. In addition to being a terrific destination for nature lovers, Mekedatu has an intriguing mythology behind its name. According to one legend, a goat dressed as Shiva leapt between one side of the canyon to the other across the Kaveri river. Along both sections of the gorge, where another goat is also said to have jumped throughout the river, weird enormous holes resembling hooves can still be found. Backpackers will develop a specific haven at Mekedatu, because there’s so much naturally beautiful to discover. Because the roads are nearly completely abandoned, biking has become a common attraction among tourists to the area. Visitors can also visit the Chunchi Falls, which are around 17 kilometres away. Diving in the waterways of Mekedatu is not recommended due to the rough and powerful currents.



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