Best Weekends Treks Near Bangalore

Best Weekends Treks Near Bangalore

Weekend excursions from Bangalore are ideal for anyone seeking a respite from the city’s bustle in the beautiful and verdant outdoors. There are countless treks to choose from in this area, which is bordered with several hill stations. There are numerous weekend trekking adventures from Bangalore that you can discover and enjoy, whether you are a novice backpacker and have some experience.

Treks near Bangalore provide some truly incredible experiences, whether it’s witnessing India’s leading rock on the Savandurga trip, travelling through kilometres of stunning coffee fields on the Kudremukh walk, night cave exploring on the Anthargange climb, or enjoying waterfall paths. Choose from shorter day hikes or longer overnight excursions to take in the breathtaking views of the sunrise and sunset from the hills.

 There are various treks near bangalore which you can enjoy:

  1. Skandagiri trek:

Bangalore is the starting and ending point for this journey.

6 Papagni Mutt, Papagni Mutt, Papagni Mutt, Papagni

Time of Activity: 11 p.m. to 12 p.m.

11 to 12 hours of activity

Trekking distance total: 8 km

1450 m is the highest point in the area.

Pick-up points include:

RR Nagar is a neighbourhood in New Delhi, India (11:00 PM) – Gopalan Arcade, Banashankari, Mysore Road (11:30 PM) – BTM Bus Stop (11:40 PM) – Near A2B Silk Board, Udupi Garden Bus Stop (12:00 AM) – Marathahalli, near Krishna Bhavan Restaurant (12:30 AM) – Hebball Hebball Hebball Hebball Hebball Hebball Hebball Hebbal Hebbal Hebbal Hai (12:50 AM) – Across the street from Esteem Mall

Set out on an exciting night walk across the beautiful Skandagiri Hills, also known as the Kalavara Hills. The night hike will lead you over Skandagiri’s green and rocky landscape, with views of the gorgeous foggy mountain summits as you ascend. Once they reach the top, everyone will indeed be able to experience the splendour of such dawn well above clouds and create some memorable memories. 

  1. Channagiri trek:

The trip to Channagiri leads you to the magnificent Nandi Hill area Bangalore, which is one of Karnataka’s most popular weekend and trekking destinations. The eccentric but exceedingly adventurous hike to the peak of Channagiri is located on this series of hills.

The 2-hour hike to the summit begins at the bottom of the peak, where you’ll be hugging the peak’s ridge. You’ll note that the vegetation is fairly parched, but the incomparable vistas of a Fertile Plains make up for it. The difficult trek comes to a finish at the summit, where you’ll have their packed lunch.

  1. Kodachadri trek :

Hike towards the grandeur of the Kodachadri Mountain, Shimoga’s 10th highest peak, whilst remaining accompanied by the Western Ghats’ lush flora.

Hike to the 1,343-metre Kodachadri summit with a knowledgeable and experienced guide.

Enjoy a night of camping in the forest, which will increase the exhilaration and pleasure to a new level.

Visit the lovely waterfall, as well as a slew of other enthralling sights along the way.

Admire the fort’s breathtaking vistas and learn about its rich history and design.

Get unlimited grab and slip to make your hiking excursion more convenient and enjoyable.

  1. Mullayanagri trek:

Go on an exciting trekking adventure to Karnataka’s highest mountain, which stands at 6,330 feet.

Mullayanagiri is reached by hiking via the tough jungle routes, which are surrounded by lush vegetation and fauna.

Grab delectable breakfast, lunch, and dinner options to please your taste buds.

Enjoy a great chit individuals to interact with other trek friends while basking in the comfort of a bonfire.

After a long day, relax in shelters or lodgings in the finest luxury.

  1. Kotagiri trek :

Kotagiri, Kotagiri, Kotagiri, Kotagiri Starting Time: 9:00 a.m.


Time to end: 6:00 p.m.


This mountain station is situated in the Nilgiris area of Tamil Nadu, in front of an altitude of 5,882 feet. The trail begins in the midst of enormous tea gardens, continues along the river through the valley, and ends at the Mettupalayam-Kotagiri intersection.


Take advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to participate in an exciting 7-kilometre trekking adventure and discover the grandeur of Kotagiri Mountain Resort with the fascinating Catherine Falls Trek. You’ll have the opportunity to live as connected to nature as possible. At a height of 1900 metres, you may have a true trekking experience in Kotagiri. This hill, which offers a variety of adventurous trails that have yet to be discovered, provides a wide range of options for hikers.


Places that you can visit nearby:


Elk Falls which is 7 KM far

Catherine Falls: 9 KM away from kotagiri’

Rangaswamy Pillar: 18 KM and the Doddabetta Peak: 23 KM.

These are the famous places that you can visit near kotagiri and you enjoy your trekking. 


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