Pizza prep fridge–how to choose

Pizza prep fridge–how to choose

When searching for a pizza prep fridge, you’ll want to keep two things in mind. To begin, think about the range of ingredients you’ll be utilizing as well as the regular quantity of pizzas you’ll be selling in a typical service period. As a result, you will be better able to determine the appropriate size. Because of the large prep table and chopping board, as well as the benchtop chill pans and under bench chilled racks, pizza fridges provide an efficient workflow.

Stainless stain pans:

The second thing to remember is to keep your pizza ingredients cold (and safe) while working in a heated kitchen environment. Especially if you’re using soft cheeses and seafood on your pizza, this is crucial. Ascertain if the food is being refrigerated under the stainless steel pans or whether cold air is being blasted over the meal to prevent the components from freezing while it is being prepared. Consider the following characteristics when shopping for a new sandwich prep or a pizza prep refrigerator.

  • Pizza prep tables:

In addition to cutting boards and refrigerated storage, pizza prep tables provide a freezer where you may keep ingredients, sauces, and toppings. ‘Prep tables’ Rails built into the refrigerated compartment allow you to keep your toppings and ingredients in order. To avoid running out of ingredients in the middle of a hectic lunch or dinner rush, our pizza prep tables provide extra storage space underneath them.

Multiple compartments:

Even the greatest pies may be made at one of our prep tables. There are many compartments in each pizza prep fridge for storing food pans with a variety of toppings. Depending on your needs, you may choose between versions that include a single big compartment or several smaller ones. The cupboards below many of these pizza tables may be used to store other items and supplies.

  • Different capacities and sizes:

No matter how big or small your pizzeria, we’ve got a pizza prep table to meet your demands. Tables come in a wide range of sizes and capacities, and storage options include cabinets and drawers. Dough, sauce, and toppings may be placed on the cutting board at each table. The movable section covers these meal dishes to keep ingredients fresh. Check out our sandwich prep tables, stainless steel food pans, and work table prep stations for more food preparation alternatives.


The cabinet’s stainless-steel exterior was protected by a plastic cover throughout manufacture and shipping. This covering may be removed with ease before installation. Wipe off all interior and external surfaces using a sponge or cloth and a warm, mild soapy water solution. Use clean water to flush away any remaining soap residue, then dry.

  • Electric connections:

115 Volt, 60 Cycle, 1 Phase, appropriately grounded electrical outlets are required to run a standard refrigerator’s eight-foot power cord. Having a three-pronged plug on the power wire is a safety precaution. Can void warranty, terminate manufacturer’s obligation, and cause significant damage if done improperly or purposefully by cutting grounding spike or connecting to an ungrounded adaptor connection.


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