How Can I Improve GRE AWA Score?

How Can I Improve GRE AWA Score?

The GRE AWA section is the only subjective section on the GRE test. This might seem rather daunting to you as a GRE aspirant. However, when approached in the right manner, you can ace the GRE AWA section with ease!  Through this article, we will try to help you improve your GRE AWA score by providing you with some helpful tips on how to attempt this section. However, before we begin, let us understand what the GRE AWA section comprises and how it is scored. 

GRE AWA: A Brief

The GRE Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) tests your critical thinking and analysis skills. It tests your ability to construct, articulate, and evaluate ideas through a well-constructed and logically coherent essay. This section also tests your writing skills as the essay must be presented in standard written English. 

AWA consists of two writing tasks: Analyze an Issue and Analyze an Argument. Each of these tasks must be completed within 30 minutes. The AWA scoring ranges from 0 to 6 and increases by a half-point increment. This section is scored by a human rater and an E-rater, a computer program developed by the ETS to assess language proficiency. If the human rater’s score matches the E-rater’s score, the average of the two scores constitutes the GRE AWA score. In the event that the human rater’s score does not match the E-rater’s score, a third human rater is brought in. An average of the two human rater’s scores is then considered as the final GRE AWA score. Now, let us take a look at a few AWA GRE tips to help you improve your score. 

GRE AWA Tips to Improve AWA Score

This section is the only writing section in the GRE exam. With the right strategy, you will find that this section is rather easy. Here are some tips to help you ace the GRE AWA section: 

Tip #1: Before you begin attempting the GRE AWA tasks, you must understand the task thoroughly. When you have understood what the task requires you to do, drafting the essay becomes a lot easier. 


Tip #2: You must be familiar with the GRE AWA topics. These topics are available on the official ETS website. Being familiar with these concepts can help you strategize and plan on how to attempt this section.  

Tip #3: The GRE AWA topics have some very obvious flaws in them. While practicing for the AWA section, you must make it a point to understand these common flaws.  Understanding the common flaws will help you identify them on the day of the exam, making it easier for you to tackle the AWA section. 

Tip #4: While preparing for the GRE AWA section, make sure that you go through sample GRE essays on the official ETS website. The sample essays will give you clarity on how to draft a coherent essay. Additionally, sample essays also indicate AWA scores, which will help you identify how to construct an essay to achieve a higher score on the AWA section. 

Tip #5: While attempting the AWA section or attempting a sample AWA essay, make it a point to create a quick essay outline. The essay template or outline can list the flaws in the argument, a few pre-written points or phrases, and the structure of your essay. Having an essay outline in hand can help you visualize the  AWA essay, making it easier for you to draft it effectively. 

Using these tips and incorporating them while practicing for the GRE AWA section can ensure that you ace the section with ease. So, begin your GRE prep today and ace the GRE AWA! 


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