Charities that Offer Free Cars to Low-Income Families

Charities that Offer Free Cars to Low-Income Families

Cars are essential for a lot of Americans for getting to workplace, medical appointments and so on. If you aren’t able to have the money to purchase cars There are organizations that provide free cars to people who are in need. These organizations are usually local located and can be found them through churches or and the Department of Human Services or websites such as working Cars for Working Families.

1-800-Charity Cars

800Charity Cars can be described as a nation-wide program that offers Free Cars to families with low incomes. Check out the eligibility webpage of their web site see what you could be eligible for. If you’re able to meet the requirements then you’ll have to fill out an on-line application. You’ll need to submit your reasons for what you’re looking for in the car and gain votes on your profile. If the company receives the car, they will take a look at the top vote-getters within the region, and then call to confirm their requirements.

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There are various conditions, such as having a income of less than 200 percent of poverty having a desire for a car, and being able to pay for coverage for insurance, fees to title and registration of the vehicle. The charity is focused on those who have been victims of domestic violence and natural disasters, those living in the transitional housing system, and those with medical issues. The charity cannot guarantee of obtaining the car you need, and this isn’t the best choice for those needing a car in a hurry.

Cars 4 Christmas

C4C also known as C4C is a national non-profit organization that operates in the Midwest regions which include Kansas City, Wichita, Omaha, St. Louis and Springfield. The organization’s founders realized that people could be able to assist themselves when they had access to transportation which is why the group focuses on helping people that are enduring challenges and need a car.

If you’re interested in obtaining the car of your choice either for you or someone you know, complete an form online and provide an explanation of how the car will enhance the quality of your (or your recipient’s) life. Common recipients include those who have disabilities, sick children and medical issues, as well as people who live in transitional housing.

Cars 4 Christmas also has an affiliate organization called Cars 4 Heroes that provides vehicles to veterans in need.

Good News Garage

Good News Garage Good News Garage is a non-profit organization that is part of Lutheran Social Services that has donated more than 4,400 vehicles to families in need since its inception at the age of 1996. Good News Garage operates in the New England area, including the states of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont.

Every State has their own eligibility guidelines, and it is crucial to check with the office of your area to find out the proper guidelines. This program assists families who receive public assistance but are unable to pay for automobiles for themselves. Call 877.GIVE.AUTO on their web site for more details.

Find Cheap Cars for an income that’s low

If you’ve applied for a free car but did not meet the criteria, you might be able find an affordable car through programs that are available to families with low incomes. Programs for low-cost cars are an excellent alternative for those who need to get to get a car fast, because the programs for free cars can take months to get approved for and there’s no guarantee that there will be any cars that is available in your location.

The best options for vehicles that cost little include:

  • vehicles for Change assists families in need in Maryland and in the District of Columbia, Virginia and Michigan by providing used vehicles at extremely low costs. In order to be eligible for an automobile from the organization you must work for at least 30 hours per week and have enough funds to cover the tax on the vehicle, as well as title and tags on the car. The vehicles can be donated to the general public and are then renovated for use. The recipients are referred to the program by social services.
  • Goodwill Industries operates an affordable loan scheme that is available in San Antonio, Texas to aid eligible recipients to buy low-cost cars. It is possible to contact the local Goodwill nearby to find out whether they offer something similar through this online store search tool and dialing the number for the nearest Goodwill.

It is also possible to search for cheap vehicles in the classifieds in your area or on eBay, as well as online. Make sure you check the vehicle for mechanical issues, since an inexpensive car isn’t a bargain when you have to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars to get it back to working order.

Transportation Options

Finding a car that is free isn’t easy however it is feasible if you are eligible and are willing to wait for a suitable car. Many people find that the option of finding a car that is affordable to purchase is a better choice, particularly for those who require to get a car in a hurry.


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